Message from the Managing Attorney

"The Alternate Public Defender’s office provides legal services on court appointed matters of conflict cases by the Public Defender Service Corporation to adult, indigent persons accused of felony and misdemeanor criminal allegations, juveniles prosecuted for alleged conduct that would be criminal if they were adults; individuals involved in juvenile proceedings in which court supervision of minors is sought because of allegations of child abuse or neglect or whose liberty may be affected by the government.
The Alternate Public Defender’s office has grown throughout the years. APD originally operated with a staff of two attorneys, a legal secretary, a legal clerk, and an investigator. As of today, an ever-increasing caseload has made it necessary to expand the staff to six attorneys, three legal secretaries, two investigators, and two legal clerks.
As the Alternate Public Defender, I am proud of the commitment of our office to provide legal representation and services mandated by the Constitution and the Organic Act of Guam that guarantee indigent persons the effective assistance of counsel before the courts. The attorneys and support staff of this office seek to provide the mandated legal services in an efficient and cost-effective manner while holding ourselves to the highest professional and ethical standards."
Ana Marie C. Gayle
APD Managing Attorney